Addicon - Z (Blue)

Addicon Plus is a liquid polymerize multi purpose admixture. It has highly concentrated water proof and other additive that has an excellent lubricating effect and helps the concrete to be workable, good finish able, strong durable, watertight & water resistant by fills the pores of the concrete, works as a bonding agent to set old to new concrete, initial and ultimate high strength gaining, reduces water cement ratio, control the risk of segregation or bleeding, reduces thermal raising, works as a excellent thermal insulator etc.

i) Advance water proofing system that is highly water proffer
ii) Help in increasing the strength of concrete at every stage
iii) Control segregation
iv) Works as a bonding agent.
v) Reduces water cement ratio
vi) Optimum work-ability
vii) Works as a good thermal insulator
viii) Reduces thermal raising of the concrete during casting
ix) Suitable for use in any kind of adverse situation
x) No need extra felt or water stopper
xi) Minimize thermal crack & shrinkage
xii) Anti fungal and anti microbial
xiii) Has no chloride ions and non corrosion to iron bar
xiv) Cost effective i.e. economical in use
xv) No toxicity & not inflammable

Usages Area:
Concrete of Pilling, Basement, Underground and Overhead water tank, Beam, Column, Slab, Heat minimizing roof, Floor Hardener, Mortar and Plaster etc.

The optimum dosage should vary on the condition of the site. Normally in the range of 0.5% – 2% by weight of Cement using.

Sl Type of works Quantity
01 Basement concrete Vary on thickness, normally 200 ml-500ml /bag of cement
02 Water Tank Vary on thickness, normally 200 ml-500ml /bag of cement
03 Plaster Mortar& Mortar 125ml-250 ml/bag of cement
04 Pilling, Slab, Beam, Column 125 ml-250 ml/bag of cement
05 Heat Minimizing roof 500 ml/bag of cement
06 Non Shrinkage Grout 2 Ltr/bag of cement

This chemical has no toxic ingredients, so the product is identified as harmless. If it accidentally gets in the mouth or eye immediately wash with lot of fresh water.
1 Ltr, 4 Ltr, 20 Ltr & if necessary bulk supply can be arranged.

Laboratory Information:

Sl. Name of the experiments Value/Specification
01 Visual Appearance White in color ,liquid at normal temperature
02 Specific Gravity 1.2
Density (g/cm3) 1.08
03 PH 4.7-5.7
04 Freezing point 12
05 Chloride content 0%