RMC SP 707 is PC based super plasticizering concrete admixture. It is brown in colour. RMC SP 707 is used to increase workability with high early and ultimate strength gaining of concrete.


* Highly reduces water cement ratio.

* Help in increasing early & ultimate strength of concrete at every stage.

* Improve bonding capacity

* Better flow and retention.

* Pump able use.

Technical properties:

Form: Brown color admixture
PH: 7 +1
Specific Gravity: 1.07+.02
Chloride content: Nill
ASTM: C494
Type: F & G

Dosage: Optimum dosage should be vary on trials, generally ideal dosage is 0.4-2% by wt of cement

Packaging: 10 ltrs, 20 ltrs, 200 ltrs.