Polycon-Z is a liquid polymerize concrete admixture. Polycon-Z prevents the conduction of heat through concrete. It has highly concentrated waterproof and other additive that helps the concrete to workable, durable, water tight & water resistant by fills the pores of the concrete through polymerization. It reduces thermal raising during casting. It protect concrete from the destructive effect of acid rain.


• Highly water and damp proofing

• Work as a good thermal insulator

• Minimize thermal crack & shrinkages

• Help in increasing the strength of concrete

• Reduces thermal raising of the concrete during casing.

• Cost effective i.e. economical in use.

Usages Area:

Concrete of roof, roof garden, plastering mortar etc.

Dosage: 500ml/ bag of cement.

Safety: This chemical has no toxic ingredients, so the product is identified as harmless. If it accidentally gets in the mouth or eye immediately wash with lot of fresh water.

Packaging: 1 Ltr, 4 Ltrs, 10 Ltrs, 20 Ltrs & if necessary bulk supply can be arranged.

Polycon Z